Über mich

I cannot remeber the first time I heard about Japan, probably because I was too small when my father was working there. He was amazed by the country and the people and has told us stories about it ever since.As soon as I learned to read I started reading about Japan, followed by the obligatory fondness for Manga and Anime. I was collecting everything I could find about this far away land.

Nevertheless, my decision to study japanese was more of a coincidence than planned. I was visiting universities and searching for the best place to go for another course of studies when I suddenly found the perfect program for me: East Asian Studies. This way I not only got to study japanese but also got to learn about economy, geography, politics, history and culture of Japan.

My semester abroad in Tokyo then sealed my fate, I lost my heart in Japan.

Not only was Tokyo and Japan in general more than I ever hoped for, I also found the love of my life. The year I spent in Japan brought adventures, new friends & experiences, changed my outlook on the world and my taste in several ways (who would have known I love Matcha and Mochi Ice-cream and taking Purikuras ^^)

I wrote about my time in Japan in a blog, more of a diary really, for my family and friends, so they knew what i was up to. Now I want to write about all the things I loved in Japan: the country, the people, the food, the fashion and the quirks. I am looking forward to write from my memory as well as research and learn more about the place that will forever have a spot in heart.

My husband and I moved to Japan at the end of March 2015 and have moved first to Yokohama and now Osaka. Living in Kansai is a whole new adventure and I am looking forward to discover my new hometown.

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